Water melon painting on the nail

Weird Nail Art Work

Creativity can be explored through any means. A talented person can make a useful thing out of garbage. Women are crazy about fashion. They can adopt any kind of fashion in their life style to look different and attractive. Girls spend a lot of time in innovation of fashion. They want to make them an icon of fashion. This time girls got crazy with the weird nail art work. Keeping long nails is always the hobby of every girl but showing creativity on it is awesome.

Nail Art That Blow Our Mind:

It is a quite scary nail art. This requires lot of hard work to make such terrifying design. It shows that an orange under water leaves are coming out of fingers. Some shells are also placed on hand to give a complete picture of a life under sea.1

The dedication to the work is outstanding. Stones and chain is use to enhance the beauty of nails. They are stuck so tastefully that every small piece is well fitted to its place. The thumb work is different to make it distinct from fingers.2

Wow! A water melon painting on the nail with perfect finishing. This work is incredible and it is mouth watering as well.3

The craziest woman can keep the nail up to this length only. Maintaining each nail and proper filing is a brilliant effort itself but its effort is not limited to this only the art work is also appreciable.4

This is also a beautiful artistic work on nail. Flowers are stuck with black and white theme is commendable. Too much heavy art work is done on the nails but definitely these hands are of no use any more.


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