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Hilarious Expectation vs Reality

Hilarious Expectation vs Reality

Our imaginations and dreams completely fulfill all our requirements but the fact and figures fails to even touch the boundary of actuality. We struggle to our best but it is not necessary that we achieve the same. While imitating our favorite hero by wearing the same outfit but it comes out to be a quite


SpongeBob Comic Series (24 Episodes)

SpongeBob comic series enters comic world and become popular among all the latest comic series in very less duration of time .The characters of Sponge Bob Square Pants have been extremely appreciated overall. The so-called character Sponge Bob has become very well-liked among children, teenagers and adults. The character’s popularity has spread from Nickelodeon’s original

Best Memes

The 35 Best Memes Of 2014

This post is full of those photos that will instantly bring a huge smile on your face. The captions are well suites with the expressions on peoples face. The text written on the photos will totally change the meanings of it. They are best funny memes of this year i.e. 2014. It is really fun


25 All Time Favorite Gifs

It is enjoyable for every person to watch there Favorite GIFs. Some very hilarious happening are captured very beautifully. Baby’s expressions are always adorable and unpredictable. They make unique gestures that are very sweet and cute. Cats are very mischievous and bring themselves into trouble. Cats consider themselves as a family member and poke their nose

Elon Musk

15 Quotes From The Incredible Mind of Elon Musk

Elon Musk, the name, is the introduction of his own. He is a very diversified and phenomenal business magnate. He is a very big name due to his remarkable services in the field of solar power system. He is an icon for millions of people and his untiring work has paid him. He has seen

animal (20)

25 Funny Pictures of Smiling Animals

Smiling Animals are very cute and adorable. Animal’s acts very innocently that’s why they are loved and cared by people. Their expressions are hilarious and performance wins everyone’s heart. They make weird faces and spread laughter. A dog looks funny when it laughs with a mouth wide open and eyes closed. A dog take its tongue

a silly face.

15 Worst And Awful Types of Selfies

Clicking a photo is the most common hobby amongst us. Not only humans but animals are also photo lovers. Young girls and boys are very fond of clicking photos at every place they use to visit. Whether they are trying a new outfit, visiting a mall, attending a kitty party or meeting friends, the most