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10 World’s Wonderful Glaciers

10 World’s Wonderful Glaciers

A huge persistence of ice is called glacier. They are not icebergs that float on water but it lies on the ground. It wonderfully holds fresh water of earth. Most amazing and famous glaciers from the world are gathered here. Now you don’t need to travel long to see such Wonderful Glaciers. You are just

10 World’s Best Natural Heritage Sites

Culture plays an important role in the world. UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) was responsible to select places that have cultural and natural importance around the globe. It may include forests, monuments, buildings or lakes. Below are 10 world’s best natural heritage sites from all around the world. Kakadu National Park: Kakadu

10 Stunning and Unique Jellyfish Species From All around the World

One of the most attractive and beautiful marine animals are Jellyfish. There are various different types of unique jellyfish species present in the ocean. They are very unique, colorful and distinct from one another. Jellyfish is a tempting dish in many countries. It is a very old multi organ animal and is considered to be

unique flowers

10 Unique Flowers From All Around The World

Without flowers this world will be very ugly and unattractive. Various colors and their combinations make them special and exclusive. The design patterns on the flowers are extremely superb. Unique flowers are the blessings of nature. Giving flowers is the best gesture to express your feeling towards another. But their very distinct appearance makes it

10 World’s Most Amazing Castles

Tourist travels all around the world to see some very fascinating buildings. The architecture and structure of a building attracts the visitors. The old and ancient buildings are very tempting to the tourists who love to see the old heritage. Very amazing castles are constructed in different places of the world. Bricks and materials used

10 World’s Best Overwater Bungalows That are Extremely Fascinating

Beautiful weather, long vacations and a company of friends and family is the desire of every person. There is overwater bungalows especially designed to fulfill the craving of a luxurious and amazing holidays. These bungalows are located on the ideal spot with huge number of trees on both sides and situated on the water. When

Bizarre Phobias

10 Most Bizarre Phobias

People are sometimes allergic or gets irritated to something. People sometimes go through psychological disorder, anxiety or fear. They call this a phobia. Phobia can be due to some past history attached to the person. It is difficult to void phobia and sufferer find it hard to go through it. A weird phobia is that

10 of the Best Perfume Bottle Designs

These innovative ideas behind the perfume bottles magnetize us and hence force us to grab that bottle. Girls find cosmetics very necessary in their life before leaving the house. They apply cosmetics to look good and attractive. Similarly, best perfume has now become essential too. Creative ideas helps attract the audience and motivate them to pick