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22 Unusual Facts About Tigers to Amaze You

22 Unusual Facts About Tigers to Amaze You

The largest big cat specie, Tiger, has a recognizable feature of dark vertical stripes on reddish orange fur. Tigers are very dangerous to humans. They can cause deaths through direct attacks than other wild animals. Their looks to humans are not scary enough to take one to death. Tiger is a menacing and fearful animal.

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26 Unknown Facts About Hollywood Celebrities

Hollywood is the biggest film industry that has countless actors and actresses. Celebrities are public figure so their stories of life can’t be kept as secret. Many well-known actors have started their careers in different professions but their incredible passion towards Hollywood is highly appreciable. As a result of that they are now a shining star

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25 Random Facts To Know In Life

We gather some random facts from different sources. The feeling of a strong and powerful person can be attained just by a simple exercise i.e. hold arms above your head with clenched flits. Blind people express their cheerfulness and pleasure by this gesture. Winnie the Pooh is the most favorite cartoon character among kids. The voice

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26 Mind Blowing Quotes For Refresh Your Mind

Some people’s quotes of fact are very inspiring thought provoking. Life teaches us some amazing lessons at every stage of life. Every person has a different perspective of life. Therefore every individual draw a distinct conclusion out of it either negative or positive. Experiences depicted in these quotes help us in many fields of life.