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Chemistry cat 9


Get ready for a cat class now. This is a class in which you can study some chemistry formulas and experiments in a very different and unique way. It is an extremely funny class in which you can learn amazing things. It has many interesting concepts of chemistry which you have never read before. The


Monday Morning Random Picture

This is a post which has many interesting ingredients that will make you happy, astonish and amaze at the same time. The pictures are tremendously funny but little silly jokes are like a cherry on the cake. Move your head left right and you can spot some stupid people around you. An over smart bike

When Suddenly

There I Was, Just Minding My Own Business, When Suddenly

This is a thrilling and fulfilled post that will definitely amaze you. See all around you and find what is happening odd. When you are extremely busy in your own work and suddenly a weird thing happens. Surprises and astonishment is the main theme of this post. Sudden attacks of ducks or whales are very


20 Funny Quotes of the Day

This post is a bucket of laughter and bundle of cheers in it. There is not only idiocy but the madness is the extent. Quotes are not always serious, encouraging or motivational but they can be funny at times too. You can’t be silent for a moment now because this post will make you laugh

funny chicken cartoon

25 Funny Series

Amazingly funny and super hilarious series are gathered in this post. Women consider it ridiculous but men will definitely like it. Girls are extremely crazy for their accessories no matter how weird it is. Girls please don’t lose your temper and just be calm. The picture on the cake says it all and the spoon

What They’re Doing 13

I Have No Idea What They’re Doing 16 Dog Pics

A bundle of joy and madness is yet to come. See some bombastic collection of weird but crazy appearances in these photos. You will unable to stop your laughter and will react exactly like the dogs. Poor innocent dogs have no idea behind all silly outfits. It is the time to irritate your dog like

Parenting FAILS

Top 19 Parenting FAILS Of The Week

This post is especially for the over smart parents. Creativity in life is very important but this time it fails very badly. The ideas adopted here were superb to handle your naughty and mischievous kids but no success. Poor parenting is wonderfully captured through an eye of a camera. Natural pictures are too funny to

They rarely, if ever, get food in their mouths.

16 Causes Why Children Are Actually The Worst

Kids are unpredictable and shocking too. Well they bring their own selves into trouble very easily and cry out loud. The interesting thing is that they enjoy every second of life. Elder kids always consider their little’s as a drawing board. Check it out the photos in which girls got crazy and out of their

Funny Roller Coaster Pictures

Funny Roller Coaster Pictures 22 pics

This post is particularly for those who are looking for madness and fun around them. The photos are too hilarious and entertaining too. People are extremely feared of roller coaster ride but they are always ready to sit on it. You can see the screams and funny faces of the people. Women feel much feared

funny poems

These Funny poems are all Masterpiece 28 Pics

We have learnt lot of various poems in our childhood. Some of them were interesting and some were really boring. But in this post you will only find exciting and out of the ordinary poems. Read them thoroughly and take real pleasure out of it. The poems are extra ordinarily funny but sensible at the

There i fixed it

There i fixed it -32 Pics

Simply awesome ideas are worth watching in this post. See the classic innovations and fantastic vision that turn your problems into an ease. They are truly a brilliant way to fix things in a unique manner. Now you can see a fabulous way of converting a non-luxurious life into a luxurious life just by using