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The 13 Creepiest Things A Child Has Ever Said To A Parent

The 13 Creepiest Things A Child Has Ever Said To A Parent

Kids are really amazing in thinking as they make a unique perspective of everything. Small mind is always busy in naughty and mischievous thoughts. Parents are usually astonished by the weird thoughts that come to kid’s mind. It is not their fault but this fast running world has made them crazy. They share some strange

a silly face.

15 Worst And Awful Types of Selfies

Clicking a photo is the most common hobby amongst us. Not only humans but animals are also photo lovers. Young girls and boys are very fond of clicking photos at every place they use to visit. Whether they are trying a new outfit, visiting a mall, attending a kitty party or meeting friends, the most

Funny Drunk Texts

Funny Drunk Texts 22 Pics

See a very unique and a new way to make the viewers cherish. Read the texts and enjoy the funny aspect of it. The chatting seems to be between two drunken people. The texts are extremely funny and surprise packages are present in each of the photo. The post can be understood by over intelligent

Monday funny pictures

20 Random I Hate Monday Pictures

For students, workers or employees, Monday is considered as the worst day in the week. Students feel that it comes so quickly that they have not enjoyed their weekends even a bit. Saturday and Sunday passes in a blink of an eye. People all around the world hate Mondays the most because it is the

Kidding All around

Kidding All around 14 Pics

What a terrific post! A post which is full of hilarious and funny photos. It will make the reader laugh, astonish and crazy at the same time. The caption on each photo is like a cherry on the top. The Jokes have an immense flavor of good sense of humor and tremendous entertainment. Animals are