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10 Best WordPress Plugins Of 2013

10 Best WordPress Plugins Of 2013

Following are the best word press plugins for the year 2013: 1.       YITH MAINTENANCE MODE: This is a simple and very useful plug-in if you want to create a customized maintenance mode page to include in your wordpress website when you want to have your maintenance get done. This plug-in has multiple and different styles

Middle East

Amazing Futuristic Architecture In The Middle East

Following are the sensational futuristic world architectures that may execute in the Middle East: 1.   Dubai opera house Dubai UAE:  Dubai opera house’s innovative design has been introduced by the award-winning architect zaha hadid. It has a structure which resembles with the structure of the sand heaps in Dubai. It had been rated the number


40 Incredible Happy New Year Wallpapers and Pictures for 2014

New Year is a festival that is been celebrated from quite some time and is celebrated in almost every part of the world, indistinctive of any culture, religions or geographical region. It brings the time of merry-making and other fun-filled activities that bolds and points the coming for a new year. Decorations are done in

Xbox One vs PS4

Xbox One vs PS4: Which Will Be Better?

World is entered in new generation of gaming. The Xbox one and Play Station 4 (PS4) developers are finding difficulty to compete the requirements of new games. Games like Watch Dogs required minimum of 30 frames per second.  The new generation gives possibility of HD games in to reality, 60 fps and 1080p. Let the

Ankylosing Spondylitis

Most Effective Exercises For Ankylosing Spondylitis

Ankylosing spondylitis  is a condition in which your joint capsules, your tendons and your ligaments swell which when severe can lead to the formation of bones and can possibly fuse the vertebrae. This arthritis can lead you to in loss of flexibility in you. But the good news is that you can avoid this thing

Facts About Coffee

12 Awesome Facts About Coffee

Following are some facts about coffee: 1. Coffee is actually a fruit: Coffee beans are actually the berry pits. The coffee pits, sometimes called coffee cherry, are a fruit that consists of coffee beans inside them. They are only called ‘beans’ because of its shape. 2. Hawaii is the Only U.S. State That Commercially Grows Coffee: Coffee