10 Most Weird Red Carpet Outfits

Lady Gaga at Staples Center on January 31, 2010-773759


Red carpet is one of the essential events these days. The entire industry gather here either of Hollywood or Bollywood for award ceremony, they have to go through this path. Fans and viewers are on both sides of this path while celebrities walk through his passage to enter an event and wave out their spectators. Fans consider themselves lucky to see the glance of their favorite celebs. Wearing a weird outfit at the event bring superstars on spot light and most talked about subject.

Most Weird Red Carpet Outfits

One of the weird and shinny dress that you have ever came across was of Lady Gaga. She looked odd but the dress was undoubtedly a unique one. This dress had become one of the most controversial outfits of red carpet. She looks like a sparkling star and spread her charm of light through her incredible dress beautifully. Her yellow hair and electrifying look make others feel that they are in a fancy dress show. This was her appearance in MTV video awards 2010. Not only the dress but also the shoes grab the attention of viewers.

Lady Gaga at Staples Center on January 31, 2010-773759

An Australian Lizzy Gardiner wore one of the worst dresses in red carpet. The golden color dress was quite pathetic but she looked quite confident in it. The dress shows that a large number of American Express credit cards are attached on it. This was her appearance in 67th annual academy award. Very surprisingly this actress won an Oscar award for her best dressing in one of her film. It was quite a shocking appearance for all her fans.


Vidya Balan, bollywood renowned actress, is famous for her poorest dressing sense. This time yet again it was not shocking for viewers to see her in a bizarre dress. Fashion designers have given up their efforts to improve her dressing. Cheap selection of saris, jewelry and hair do is quite disappointing. The color combination was unbearable to eyes.


Another Bollywood beauty, Deepika Padukone, was spotted in a film fare award of 2014. She was wearing a golden gown but it was giving a look of golden foil wrapped around her body very tightly. She was wearing a golden witch shoes which was quite distinctive too. That shiny and glittery outfit was absolutely weird. Although this dimple lady has an amazing dressing sense but this time it doesn’t work well.


One of the most amazing and funniest samples of fashion was a mismatch shoe pair. This was not an accident act but in fact this was the way to look different and exclusive. One is red while another one is a green shoe. It is very hilarious to watch and hats off to her fashion logic. Sometimes these event introduces you some pretty worst fashion by famous personalities.


Jade Jagger, one of the most gorgeous models of her time, was spotted in a worst dress. Well it was a fashion mistake because she has always been one of the finest dressed up person. Her golden weird dress with a neck piece astonishes the spectators.


An awful getup by Lady Gaga scared the crap. She has been successful being in the lime light once again. Her dreadful outfit was really threatening and in this way she became a focus of all the cameras. Audience clapped for her and enjoyed her look. She has always been weirdly dressed lady in award ceremonies but this time it was outstanding craziest fashion style.


Lady Gaga wore a Christmas tree on her head this time. It is a silliest style of hair do. Effort is remarkable for her make over. She was wearing a flying dress with a green wig. This is a very ridiculous outfit for this event but undoubtedly attention grabbing too. Overall the look was strange.


Nicky Minaj was founded as the most colorful dressed up person from top to bottom. She wore all possible hilarious things. Her make over was inspired by Tokyo. One leg was holding a stuff toy and the other one had fancy socks. This bizarre outfit has everything hilarious from head to toe. Coming to her dress it was very odd, funky and unbelievable. This cute outfit won the heart of several kids as it was meant to entertain viewers.


Halloween look was adopted by Heidi Klum. This was a skinless body which was nicely painted with red and black color. The skeleton is always frightening to watch. This was another one of the weirdest outfit.


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