Who said parents don't have a sense of Humor  (8)

63 Funny Photos of Parents with an Brilliant Sense of humor. You Will Wish Your Parents Were Like These!

Super hilarious and mischievous activities of parents are very beautifully captured. Naughtiness of parents has reached to a height and they are completely gone crazy. Mothers are to irritate kids through their long and boring lectures while fathers use to advise all the time. But when parents do silly and impishness, children get shocked. So

Great Quotes To Live By

24 Great Quotes To Live By

  The quotes are extremely fabulous and are very meaningful too. Great authors or great personalities have shared their ideas through quotes. Sometimes literate and well educated people lacks in experience. These quotes will give you a practical and life saving ideas to live by. In this post you can find the collection of quotes

Quotes That Turns Your Darkness Into Light (4)

11 Quotes That Turns Your Darkness Into Light

Sometimes we are surrounded by ill thoughts and feel really down. The darkness is the only thing that we see all around us. At that point of time little guidance, a bit of light and a supporter can bring us out from that situation. A good supervision and minor help can open thousands of closed

Funny GIFs

17 Funny GIFs for Every Awkward Situation In Everyday Life

Life is purely unpredictable and full of surprise packages at every stage of it. Wrong actions or body expressions completely change the meaning and make it an embarrassing situation. These GIFs are all about funny incidents that are captured very intelligently. Never smoke inside the plane otherwise this could happen to you too. Sudden changes

Life Hacks

18 Life Hacks: Every Human Being Needs To Know

There are superb and logical ideas that can amazingly change your life. Home remedies are very useful and yet extremely inexpensive. Firstly they are very practical and secondly there are no side effects. Life hacks are life savers as they are easily available at home. Little techniques and bit of innovation can make useless thing